The Telescope



Project Description

Immersed in an olive grove in the Sassari countryside, this dependance peeks through the trees facing the sea. The new project by Officina29 Architetti fits into a natural and rural context, punctuated by the presence of the typical dry stone walls. It is from one of these that the small building rises: the dry stone wall “becomes” the basement, which will be covered externally with the same local stone to create continuity. Even the swimming pool, placed perpendicular to the body of the building, will be covered in stone, to simulate the old rural tanks on which the cattle drink.

The ground floor will be a white parallelepiped resting on the “dry stone wall” of the basement, and will be partially cantilevered, directed towards the sea: the shorter side will be completely open towards that direction, the lens of a telescope that inspected the horizon. The open space will host a bright and spacious studio, served by a toilet complete with all comforts, and a terrace that enjoys the view and allows it to enter inside the walls.

Project Details

Project: The Telescope
Type: Dependance studio
Year: 2020-21
Architects: Officina29 Architetti
Client: Private
3D Visual: Officina29 Architetti