Furniture in the Woods

Project Description
Contrary to the large windows, but in relation to the surrounding trees, the opposite wall consists of a single durmast block. The latter encloses everything that the studio flat needs: it transforms itself into a mobile TV serving the relaxation area; into a closet and laundry as it approaches the toilet block, but also into a full kitchen with all comforts, until it becomes a lamp. Three vertical and luminous strips, positioned at the bearing structure, define the different areas of the environment and mark the rhythm; vice versa, a luminous band runs over the furniture throughout its length, embracing the various functions it accomplishes and unifying the room.

Every inch has been designed to take full advantage of the space available, perfectly integrating functionality and design into a clean and harmonious concept.

Project Details

Project: Furniture in the Woods (House in the Woods)
Type: Made to measure furniture
Year: 2015
Architects: Officina29 Architetti
Client: Privato
Photo Credits: João Morgado, Fotografia de arquitectura