Falegnameria G.F.G. dei F.lli Angotzi S.r.l. is one of the most important company of Sardinia in the production of internal and external doors in wood, wood/aluminum and aluminum.

Around 100 years ago it was a small workshop; today it presents itself as a modern and well equipped company, on an area of 3000 square meters, located in the industrial area of Chilivani, with a large showroom.

Falegnameria G.F.G. employs about 20 people and make use not only of the skilled hands of its craftsmen, but also of advanced machinery. The processing of the window frames is carried out with CNC machinery and in the system of Flow Coating paint only water-based coatings are used, which ensure the windows up to 10 years.

In a separate department, in order to ensure the quality of all the different processes, aluminum frames are produces, using the best profiles on the market.

At the basis of a good job there is the constant research for the best materials: wood species, hardware, gaskets, glass and aluminum are provided only by the best companies: Corà Legnami, Maico, Saint-Gobain to name a few. Since 2010, all the window frames produced are certified with the CE mark, as a further guarantee of the quality of the products.

The good organization of the company allows to give solutions to all the personal needs of customers, not only for the construction of windows and doors, but also internal stairs, floors, kitchens and custom furniture. Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “Nineteenth-Century “palazzetto”, Sorso”.

Motto: We take care of you.



Simec was founded at the end of the 80s, thanks to the idea of three friends with a long-time experience in design, construction, installation and maintenance of iron, steel and aluminum structures. Over the years, it provided itself with equipment, transportation and specialized human resources, that enabled the company to achieve one of the many goals, such as “Customer Satisfaction”. The company, in fact, based on specific needs and demands of its customers, provides all the advices and tips for obtaining a better products and one of a kind.

Over the time, the company has acquired all the certifications and certificates required for the realization of various types of plants, both in civil and industrial fields, which have allowed it to interface with public institutions, even important ones, maintaining, however, their individuality and artisan essence that distinguishes it. In the future the company will try, by virtue of the recent evolution due to the internal generational change, to further consolidate its position in the local area, without losing sight of the ability to operate outside the regional territorial boundaries.

Motto: Persist and believe in your ideas. Everything is possible.



The company was founded in 2006 by the will of Daniele Doccu, Baingio Piana and Salvatore Pisanu.

United by a strong bond of family and friendship, they set themselves the aim of creating a serious work group, structured and organized, composed not only by the three founding members, but also by a staff of five specialized workers and three ordinary workers.

The company works in the building field and generally manages all the working phases of construction and renovation of hotels and residential properties.

For every working task, the company aims to provide an excellent project execution, available only with the care and respect of artifacts and materials, environmental cleaning and the use of innovative techniques. Another distinctive signs of the company is the human quality of the whole team, who can boast availability and adaptability, according to the places and building types required. Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “Hotel Corte Rosada”.


The company Officina Manca Gianuario was founded from a family tradition dated back to 1964, and deals with the ancient art of wrought iron. The great master Gianuario Manca formed his sons Salvatore and Emanuele as door and window manufacturers and blacksmiths: first, they started with the most traditional work of their field, and further specialized through the most modern techniques, making them some of the most skilled workers in the area.

The company is focused on manufacture of iron, stainless steel such as gates, railings, rolling shutters, stairs and security grilles, aluminum and aluminum-wood frames with thermal break, using only high-performance materials. In addition it provides advice and assistance in choosing the product, the doorstep field survery, the realization of customized products to meet every need, up to the installation. Reliable and available, the company ensures the customer a high quality product.

The whole team, starting with the owners, is constantly updated from a professional point of view, thanks to the participation of specialized training courses in the field.

Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “Villa in olive trees (work in progress)”, “Hotel Corte Rosada”, “House in the woods”.

Motto: Reliability and competence.



Serra Mario di Serra Carmelo was founded in 1975 as an individual firm in the field of the electrical and electronics industry; after a significant growth, it was transformed into a general partnership (S.n.c.) in 1997.

Thanks to the dedication for the job, almost forty years of experience and its technicians constantly kept up-to-dated, who are specialized in home automation and anti-intrusion systems, it has the goal of innovation and technology growth, providing its customers with professionalism and high quality standards, always synonymous of guarantee and reliability.

The company also has the honor of being part of the renowned team “Alto Automation”, a brand created by Btcino to identify, train and educate highly qualified professionals. Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “Rural villa with a contemporary twist” and “Nineteenth-Century “palazzetto”, Sassari”.

Motto: Professionalism and courtesy.



The company was founded during January 1995 as SA.DE Snc, but grew up until the staff reached fifteen people and it became SADE 2 SRL, in 2009.

The working team operates in the sector of plant design and in particular in the sector of electrics, hydraulics and electrical installation, both industrial and civil fields.

To embrace a so wide-ranging sectoral assistance, the technicians, who work in the company, are specialized in the various branches of plant design. They can boast reliability and availability, important characteristics that are necessary to obtain a remarkable result, acquired thanks to their long-term experience.



2D Parquet was founded in 2007, but its roots sink in a family tradition long fifty years. The company deals with supply and installation of floors and wood paneling, and has always guaranteed an excellent job and attention to details. This is possible thanks to the reliability and the quality of materials used and the company itself.

The hard work and the desire to develop over the years have led the company to work in different fields, always in contact with clients and designers, and it aims to continue to evolve and make known its name, thanks to the high quality that characterizes it. Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “House in the woods” and “Rural villa with a contemporary twist”.

Motto: It is fine just perfect.


The founding members of Piscine Arcobaleno gathered at the end of the 80s to satisfy the needs of a growing business, mostly oriented to the organization of green areas. In 1992 they pursue a collaboration with Piscine Castiglione (a company which produce pools for the most important swimming competitions, including Rio 2016) and opened in Sassari a service and maintenance center. Since then, they offer a complete and qualified solution for custom swimming pools, following the path of execution, excavation, maintenance and all the work steps necessary for different types of installations: residential swimming pools, sport centers and rehabilitation facilities.

The staff of specialized technicians, constantly up-to-date, provides the customer with a high level of know-how in the use of products, tools and new technologies; it gives correct and concrete information to build the facility with materials, shape and accessories suitable for the type of use and personal tastes.  Therefore the pool, in balance with the environment that embrace it, is attractive from the point of view of design, it is a unique work, which should be reflected in its realization the needs and goals of those who will use it.

Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “Rural villa with a contemporary twist”.



G.M.D. Costruzioni was founded in 2009 by the Surveyor Gianmarco Delogu, after twenty years of construction experience in the family business. It mainly deals with new buildings, for commercial and residential use, as well as renovation of buildings, whether recent or historical. Making the most from the artisan experience, the company guarantees the customer a job not only of quality, with the use of innovative techniques and materials, but also attention to details and perfection in finishing touches. In this way, the G.M.D. it has become a safe and reliable point of reference around the territory, with the goal of consolidating their skills in the future, thanks to the continuous technical and professional up-to-dates of the owner and his workers. Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “House in the woods” and “Countryside villa”.

 Motto: Reliability and quality.


Decor Fantasy is a company founded as a family business that, in 1990, was taken over by Carlo Maggio, grandson of the original founder.

With a staff of four people, the company is in charge of create false ceilings, leveling and decorations, and it aims to grow both in number of employees and activities and skills.

Thanks to their reliability and availability, the Decor Fantasy professionals have the ability to focus carefully on the details, proving creativity and determination in solving practical problems, which can arise during the work in progress.

The work of Decor Fantasy also relies on the accurate research for order and cleanliness, which have always been essential requirements to ensure a quality finished work.

Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “Villa in olive trees (work in progress)”, “Villa at the seaside, Stintino (2016 work in progress)”, “Hotel Corte Rosada”.

Motto: We solve problems, we don’t make them.


Falegnameria Zara is an handicraft company that deals with production, construction, assembly and installation of indoor and outdoor wooden furniture to measure. It was founded in 1946 by Leonardo Zara and, later, in 1976 was taken over by his son Giuseppe Antonio. Today boasts a fixed staff of 8 employees.

The company is always looking for new materials, innovative technologies and solutions in the world of wood architecture. The joiner’s workshop works on different levels: design, construction, delivery, installation and after-sales services, by demonstrating competence and availability in all the different phases.

Falegnameria Zara works directly with private clients, designers, architects and interior curators, and has collaborateed for decades with designers and architects in the production of furniture for restaurants, bars, hotels and public services in general, as well as residences. Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find Rural villa with a contemporary twist and “Nineteenth-Century “palazzetto”, Sorso”.

Motto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.



Agricola Sassarese was founded as a family business in 2000 and achieved a rapid growth: currently the staff consists of ten people.

Sardinian leader in the production of fertilizers and in the business of products for agriculture and gardening, the company has a sales section entirely dedicated to the design and construction of gardens and parks, using the latest irrigation techniques and new machinery, for which it holds the concession.

The consulting process, feasibility, evaluation and execution of gardens and parks, does not end with the construction, and ensures the maintenance services of green areas. In fact, the team of experts from Agricola Sassarese, with specialized skills, believes that maintenance is fundamental throughout the year to preserve the most of the gardens, favoring a steady relationship based on transparency and honesty. Among the realized projects in collaboration with Officina29 Architetti, we can find “Hotel Corte Rosada”.



The company, based in Alghero, works in the field of climate control.