A natural sofa

Project Description
The design of the outdoor area for this villa responds to the need of creating a green space near the swimmingpool, both sustainable and resistant to strong irradiation conditions and salty winds. The organization of space is defined by simple lines: the green meadow extends on the terrace steps, following the natural slope of the ground, and transforming itself into comfortable informal seats; the garden around the pool and the wooden deck has been arranged through raised corten flower beds, planted with Mediterranean essences. The chosen species – ornamental grasses, aromatic and succulent Mediterranean plants – require little water and have been combined in a sustainable, harmonious planting design and interesting color nuances.

Project Detalis

Project: A natural sofa, Villa on the Marina
Type: Landscape design
Year: 2016
Landscape design: Vlatka Colić
Architects: Officina29 architetti
Client: Private
Photo Credits: João Morgado, Fotografia de arquitectura