Green entrance of Corte Rosada Hotel, 2015

Project Description
This landscape architecture project is incorporated in overall renovation of Corte Rosada Hotel. The garden is situated in the focal point of the hotel, in front of the entrance at the restaurant hall and the reception. The strong contemporary lines of the pathway, box shaped, low size planting and lawn create a central axis, which lead the view through the large glass walls, to the sea and mountains in the background.

The same white stone, vratza marble, used indoors as parquet in the restaurant hall, continues outdoor: lined “beole” produce a pathway, incorporated in gravel surface. The garden reflexes itself in the large glass walls, creating an impression of fluidity between inside and outside space. This simple, geometrical garden design is a frame of the spectacular view of the nature in the distant background.

Project Details

Project: Green entrance of Corte Rosada Hotel, 2015.
Type: Landscape design
Year: 2015
Landscaping:: Vlatka Colić
Architects: Officina29 architetti
Committente: Private