Garden in the woods

Project Description
The study of landscape project in this context is basically built around one main idea: the desire to establish a dialogue between the new volume and semi-natural forest surrounding. The vegetation is organized into defined shapes that recall the layout of the wooden walkway and the structure of the new building. Wooden walkway marks a new path that flows through the trees between the main house and the new volume. It offers a new perspective to those who want to live outer space and becomes a place of rest and reflection, immersed in the tranquility of the forest-garden. The native underwood plants are preserved and enhanced through interesting and complex vegetation combinations, easy to maintain and suitable for a shady environment.

Project Details

Project: Garden in the woods, House in the woods 2015
Type: Landscape design
Year: 2013-15
Landscape design: Vlatka Colić, Kreativni Krajobrazi
Architects: Officina29 architetti
Client: Privato
Photo Credits: João Morgado, Fotografia de arquitectura