Marta Panu

Marta Panu



Marta Panu, engineer, enrolled at the University of Civil Engineering-Architecture in 2001.

During her studies, she participated in a Master of Eurodesign and was an active member of the volunteer association, Ingegneria Senza Frontiere Cagliari.

Winner of a Regional Scholarship for Master Thesis on Cooperation and Development, in 2007, she travelled to Peru to deal with the topics of international cooperation. The thesis involved the study of the site, the proposed environmental restoration and design of a sustainable structure that included canteen, nursery, guest quarters and market, in the territory of Caracoto, Puno, Peru.

After graduating, she did not abandon her interest in green building‘s issues and in 2010 she moved to the Spanish capital and enrolled in the Master in Efficient Edification and Energy and Environmental Rehabilitation, of the UEM.

In Madrid she attended an internship at Eneres, design studio providing services for energy efficiency and bioclimatic performance in the construction and rehabilitation of buildings.

In Sardegna in 2012, she worked for two years at the Municipality of Stintino, where she was responsible for the Programming Office and dealt with public financing and drafting of projects, including the “Progetto Speciale Prima casa Ovile del Mercante”: a sustainable neighborhood for young people, which puts the bioclimatic and efficient design in the foreground.

She joined the team of Officina29 in April 2015; here, she is responsible for the drafting of projects and renovation practices, interior design, 3D modeling and detailed master plans.