On December 18th, 2015, an exhibition on Italian Design, Journey into the world of Italian design, through some examples of home furnishings, edited by Enrico Ercolani and the architectural firm Officina29 Architetti, was held in Sassari, in a nineteenth century palazzetto in Via Roma restored and renovated by the same firm.

This quick event, that had unexpectedly involved a large share of public, marked the beginning of something more ambitious and laid the foundations for a project that will kick off in the upcoming months.

The firm Officina29 Architetti, in collaboration with Enrico Ercolani, has always shown a particular interest for the great designers from the past who have marked the Italian and international design history, and wants to embrace this architecture’s branch and make its own. On a monthly basis an article about the history of design will be published, through information  capsules on the yesterday and today’s designers, on the materials used by them and those innovative ones that face the contemporary scene, and the key pieces that are part of the private collection on display two years ago.

It is of crucial that readers understand the great names of the past, the reason why they are the pillars on which is based the design today and how they have consistently influenced the work of Officina29 Architetti. A design piece, in fact, is not an end in itself: it does not exist to play its function, be it that of a sofa or a chest of drawers, but it tells a story – of designers, of craftsmen and companies that produced it, of their efforts and ambitions, of the client – and as such it should be understood and valued.

The appointment is scheduled for next month, with the first article of the series. Officina29 Architetti wishes you a good weekend!